There’s an in between this time of year.

When the temperature warms a bit, and spring peeks around the corner.
I’m thankful that before the plague of whatever sickness we’ve got around here hit, I was able to get out into the world a little.

Breath a little fresh air.

Check out some places that were.
The kind of places where you can’t help but be still.
It reminds me that I not only should take time to slow down.

I need to.

It gives me space to create more, laugh easier, live fuller.

And that is an in between all its own.
(NOTE:  Due to the awful sickness that has come upon this house, I’m reserving the right to delay the eBook launch by a bit if need be.  Don’t worry; it won’t be a decision I come to lightly.  I cannot wait to hear what you think about it!)