A while back we began a small revamp on our Master Bedroom.  We’ve slowly worked on painting, adding, re-purposing, and taking away to create more of a zen/soothing space for ourselves.

We got some new Pottery Barn sheets for Christmas and some money to spend as we wish…thanks mom and dad!!  We’re headed on a Christmas money shopping trip this weekend and I could not. be. more. excited.
I’ve been feeling this sense of bad design as I looked around and saw lots of solids in the room.  Solid paint color, solid white spread, solid and neutral throw pillows.  Our furniture is kind of a pecan, warm tone, and it was all beginning to feel neutral, solid, boring.
But you know what?
As I searched through House of Turquoise last night, I was drawn to these interiors…

Notice anything?
I’m completely drawn into these soothing, solid color palettes of whites, blues, and natural textures.  They seem to reach through my monitor and whisper, “come on, you know you want to netflix a movie in this.”
Okay, you know what I mean….I am more drawn to texture and layers than bold patterns.

Or maybe it’s just the dosage that concerns me.  Bold prints would probably be fine in a few throw pillows.

Or a subtle, soft print in a quilt would probably work too.

Suzanne Kasler Interiors (my hero)
I also LOVE symmetry in a bedroom, I’m discovering.  Repeating patterns, matching bedside tables and lamps.  I’m not so much for repetition everywhere, but in my sleeping/movie-watching retreat, I need that order.
So, this weekend, I’m going to head to Pottery Barn to check out these

and maybe some euro shams like these…

My list includes a quilt to lie at the foot of our bed, either matching or coordinating euro shams, and lamps.  Maybe even some clothes and hardware.  Home Goods, Pottery Barn, and Anthro here we come!
What are you working on this week?
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