Oh, it’s about time.
Sometime in the midst of all the scrambling, I decided that it didn’t matter if it took me longer than usual to get a tree up and to simply enjoy the moments of the process itself.  That seemed to put everything into perspective, and I let go of having the perfect tree this year, and focused on the kids.  
I let go of the crazy tree topper project, and put up the star Grayson was begging for.  I put less than 1/2 my ornaments up and (am trying to) appreciate less fuss.
Our tree is always in our entry, well, between the entry and the living room.  That’s the thing with an open floor plan…it’s just kind of there.  Luckily, it’s a BEAST at 9 feet and it takes up enough room to seem purposeful.

I have always stuck to red, gold, and green, and while I don’t think I’ll ever rid our home of classic holiday touches, I really have enjoyed exploring new color schemes.  Maybe one year I’ll get it together and have a few trees.
Probably not this year.

I love the tree skirt this year!  Again, because of the size of the tree, skirts are pricey….very pricey.  I’ve never found one I love, and we all know I’m not a sewer.  
My solution?
Four yards of burlap rumpled all around the base…I love the natural appeal and texture!
And while I stuck to my original color scheme, I added more metallics than red, and a few new colors/ornaments.

I have to tell you…I’m a Santa person.  You know, you’re either into angels, snowmen, etc.  Well, it’s Santa for me.  I love this huge ornament (we have lots of huge ones, btw–it must be a thing), but he completely freaks Matt out.  He says he feels like Santa’s eyes follow him everywhere. LOL.  Miss him so much.  I haven’t told you this, but he’s been gone the last 3 weeks, coming home on the weekends.  We’ve done any and all Christmas traditions without him, and it just doesn’t feel quite right.  He comes home today, and I’m SO excited!

As much as I love a beautiful tree, I have to add our dough ornaments and sentimental pieces to the family tree.


I love the white burlap “garland” and bows this year!

I added some blues, greens, and more silver to our tree and holiday decor this year…and I’m loving it!  Stay tuned for more…

All the color blends well with the icy entryway vignette.

I was thrilled to find script papers at Hobby Lobby.  The cream reminds me so very much of the document brown at Ballard’s.

I told you it was Ava’s new fav spot.

I may be late for all the linky parties, but it’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Alabama.
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Christmas Challenge Winner will be announced tomorrow!!!!
See you then, 😉