It was a good day.

I mean, when you’ve got these two in your house, it’s a really good day.
Man, it was fun.
And I’m flat. out. exhausted.
In the best way ever.
Thanks SO much to Kevin and Layla for driving down, styling and photographing our home, for playing with our kiddos, and for being just as inspiring in person as you are here in blogland!
On to the business of blogging…
I’ve taken a step back from furniture the last couple months, only accepting a number of clients/orders.  It has been a much needed and therapeutic break for me.  I am big on balance, and I’m careful to keep it in our home.  
And here’s the thing.  If I have to choose between less furniture orders or less posting, the blog’s gonna win every single time.
Writing is my passion, and so is painting, but I want to do both. There will be plenty of furniture in the spring, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes for Perfectly Imperfect, the blog.
The e-book is oh, so close to being finished in the writing phase, and then it will be time to make it interactive for you guys.  I am THRILLED with the design so far, and want it to be a real-life book that you can soak in, and more than steps on a page.  A story of sorts.
There’s affiliate advertising in the works for that, so if you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll get you on the list.
I’m beginning to work on a video tutorial page for you guys that you can refer to all the time.  
We’re (because Matt is such a huge part of this little operation) highly considering switching to wordpress to make this place the most it can be for you guys.
There’s been major growth around here lately, and because I’m spending half of my work time writing, I’ve decided it’s time for advertising.  
I’ve played around with this, but have always felt funny about it.  I don’t know why, but it always felt awkward.  
Until I realized that my greatest traffic comes from the one blog I advertise on.  It has been the best decision I made and I couldn’t be happier.
I hope the traffic here can do that for others.  
Writing is my passion, not just my work.  It does take lots of time, and time I’m willing to give.
If my blog can be a stepping stone for others the way some of yours have been for mine, then it’s time I have a system set up and send success your way.
I will say I love my readers and am loyal to their interests, and want to advertise businesses that are a good fit here.  Places you guys want to visit, to shop around in.
I am re-opening 10 ad spots as of January 1. (If you’ve spoken to me about last minute December ads, you’re still on for that)  
Please email asap @ to secure your spot, as I will be on the lookout for places for us perfectly imperfect folks to frequent.  Ad rates are $40 per month.  See details below.
*****copied from “advertise”*****
Blogging has been such a blessing for me and my business, I want to offer other creative’s a chance to advertise here on Perfectly Imperfect!!

I began this blog last January, and it is rapidly growing, mostly because all of us DIYer’s love to get inspiration and new ideas from each other.  We are all a loyal base of readers that read daily, comment often, and offer support to each other!

We are adding followers everyday, 100+ on given days, and the subscriber list is creeping up on 2,000.  The blog is also on the front page of all home and decor blogs at  Our home was recently photographed for Cottages and Bungalow’s Magazine, Perfectly Imperfect (the business) and the blog being featured as well.
Ad rates are $40 per month.

This will include a 125×125 button in my sidebar advertising section, and also a post featuring your business or blog.  You will need to send me the jpeg image and/or the html code for your ad button. If you do not have a button, I’ll work with you to create one.  Fee is $25. Giveaway’s within a feature post definitely encourage more traffic/customers to visit your site, but one is not required.

Please contact me today with any questions or to get your name out there!!

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to talking with you!


Hope you had a great day, and tomorrow I’m going to be stopping in at some your places, see what you’ve been up to.