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I am a busy bee.
A busy bee, indeed.
Except it’s all in my mind.  
Because the kids and I got croup (literally) this week and Matt is out of town all week.  The kids are slowly getting better and I am slowly getting worse.  Sorta miserable, but we’ve gotten some good cuddle time in and I got a few projects started on Monday.
Did I mention our home is getting photographed for Cottages and Bungalow’s??  I am literally counting down the seconds until Matt gets home so I can put him to work.  🙂
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m working on a gallery for our stairwell….the new one leading up to the attic.  (I wonder when I’ll stop calling it “the attic” and start saying “upstairs.”)
We wanted a photo gallery in the stairwell, creating unused space into an art gallery.  In our gallery, we wanted a select few family shots of us and the kids, but mostly it will feature artistic shots from our travels.
We love to travel, and Matt and I both love photography.  Back in the days of yore  film, we took 15 rolls on our honeymoon!!  AND had them all developed while we were still in Hawaii.  
We crack me up.
he he
Anyway…here’s a few shots that have made it into the gallery, most of these will be printed in black and white, but we’ll feature just a few in color for visual impact.
Off the dock in Roatan, Honduras.  We stay at this little inn at the end of all of our missions there, and it literally personifies peace to me.

Hope this one’s obvious…Empire State Building, NYC.

A view from the strip in Vegas…the Paris Hotel.

Waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Dominican Republic…such a beautiful beach.

And just this last week in Monteagle, TN….St. Thomas’s Parish.  
These are just a few….I hung around 40 frames the other day.  
Now it’s time to print and hang so I show you guys (and have it done for Tuesday)! 
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow afternoon to link up for Style Feature Saturday….missed seeing your projects last week!  And mark your calendar…the week after will be Christmas projects only, and our last linky party this month.  (I’m going to be busy scrambling to finish Christmas shopping….and baking cookies with my kiddies.)  I’ll choose a winner and there might be a prize involved.
For now, I should go and think about all I should be doing.
Pray for my productivity, will you?