Back when we revealed the playroom, I had no idea what a wonderful response I’d get.  You guys were so kind, so encouraging, and the room wasn’t totally finished yet! (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read about that here)
There’s not too much left to do, but one of the things I needed to tackle before the Cottages and Bungalow’s shoot was the big, glaring, blank space over the storage unit Matt built.
Of course, my love for typography made me fall in love with these Pottery Barn wall plaques….
They seemed like the perfect fit for our wall, and another place to display words of meaning for our children.  The next day, my friend Ashley from Pure + Lovely wrote a post on her own DIY version, and I was even more convinced this was the way we were going.
I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off (gotta love that southern slang) for today, so I snapped these for ya last night.  
This is my SUPER easy, lazy version.  You know, the “I don’t want to cut enough paper to make it all match up on every single board” version.
I grabbed a few boards from the garage.  As I was working on them, Matt asked me if I had a secret stash of perfectly-cut boards for all my projects.
Maybe, honey.
After painting a quick coat of white, I cut my paper to fit….I used separate pieces on a couple and one solid piece on the others.
Then I pulled out my best crafty friend….
I found it was best to apply the mod podge directly to the back of the paper rather than the board.  This cut down on any bubbles or wrinkles.

After choosing our words, which I can tell already I’ll add to, I stenciled them on with 4 inch stencils.
Painted in with a white paint pen, and voila!

Can I interject again that I LOVE this wall color.  It turned out exactly like I envisioned…it’s the perfect wash of aqua, bright and fun, but not overpowering.
(Valspar’s Sea Breath)

Had to add a couple snapshots of my favorite beach dwellers in the collage.

I technically haven’t sealed them with mod podge again, but oh well, we’ll handle that tomorrow.  

I’m worn out….too much cleaning in one week for me.  
But lots of projects to share with you.
Wish the house luck!
I’m sure I’ll be nervous-tweeting all day, so come hang out a while.