Hey friend, how was your weekend??
I guess I should apologize for the lengthiness of this post….so I’m sorry, but hopefully you won’t get too bored.
We have been a bit lazy around here, which is just what we needed, and I’m so thankful for those quiet moments to be with my family.
After getting crafty last week, it’s time to share a project I’ve been thinking about for about a year.
I ran across Lindsey’s blog last fall, and immediately fell in love…especially with her Family Rules canvas…and I’m sure you’ve seen these all over blogland since.
Even though I started it over and over, and tried to get inspired, I never could quite finish it.  I didn’t want just a canvas, but I didn’t want it framed, I didn’t want it alone, but I didn’t want it in a grouping.
You get the idea.
My brain and my eye finally came together to get inspired, and this is what “we” came up with.

I love it in our kitchen, the hub of the home.  It’s the perfect spot for a reminder of how we want to treat one another.
Because this was such a long, drawn out project, I don’t have photos of each step.
First, I worked on the actual Family Rules.  To acheive this, I cut strips of scrapbook paper into different widths and with different edged scissors.  You can see that same process on the canvas I did for Ava’s room.
After Matt watched me cut a million strips of paper and line them up in just the right way, he said, “no way you’re going to stick that on the canvas and not be able to use it again.”
My husband, the schemer.
So…basically we scanned it into InDesign and typed out the rules in different fonts.  Now that template can be printed anytime.
Anybody want one??  🙂
I’ve had that piece lying around for a year…and only when I messed up that canvas did I get inspired to finish my project.  Long story.

After mod podge-ing the paper to the canvas  (which was silver leafed in splotches), it was time to cut a mat for the frame I found at our local antique shop. 
Note: to mod-podge to canvas, apply a thin coat using a foam brush to the canvas.  Rub paper on, being careful to press out any bubbles.  Let dry completely for about 15 minutes.  Apply thin top-coats, allowing 15 minutes drying time in between each coat.  I applied only 2 coats.
Knowing I had a ton of cardboard in the garage, that was my medium of choice.  I find it’s perfect for matting because it’s flexible enough to hug the inside of the frame, leaving no need for stapling or serious attachment.  I cut my cardboard to match the opening of the frame, and wrapped it with some fabric (Waverly’s Trellis). 
And I actually attached the fabric to the cardboard with Scotch tape.  Yep.
I painted the frame with Krylon’s White in a satin finish….and excitedly got it up on my wall.

Over the last 10 months or so, I have slowly begun changing the whole look of our home, reworking our colors and personalizing each room.  I love these bright bursts of blue and yellow here in the white/stainless/black kitchen.
(rug: Khol’s $10, spoon rest: Ross, $2)

That was also why I wanted the Family Rules to have some color punch.  I’m loving the pattern on the wall; it draws my eye immediately into the kitchen.
 I attached the frame to the wall with a picture hanger and then drove a small nail through the fabric to the wall for hanging the canvas on top.
I love the dimension that brings to the piece.
We’ve also updated the kitchen with a couple of Ikea pieces, like this little rack with galvanized buckets…perfect for snacks and quick bites!

Here you can see a close-up of the actual canvas…I’ll probably do a separate how-to post for silver leafing.
Our Rules:
(there’s no way to fit them all…but this covers a good bit 🙂
thank God for this day, this family, this home
use kind words-obey your parents-always tell the truth
encourage your siblings-share in their joy
give your guest your best
there is no mine in this house-it’s all God’s
husband, love your wife-wife, always be on his side
be creative at all times
act responsibly, be respectful, choose wisely
you can never do wrong by doing right (quoted by my dad my entire upbringing)
say what you are sorry for-forgiveness is mandatory
Love the Lord your God

So far, I’m really happy with all of it…and no slipping on the fabric yet.  I’m telling you, if you’ve never backed a frame with cardboard before, you gotta try it.  Works like a charm.

We also added this Ikea light fixture for $29.99….LOVE the industrial and vintage flair it adds.
It just occured to me that I’ve never posted our kitchen.
I’ll have to do something about that.  I’m slowly adding some small things (and rearranging others) to it to make it more personal, but I do love it and am pleased with the choices we made 7 years ago.
Hope you got inspired to make a canvas all your own and that you enjoyed your mini-kitchen tour at the casa de West.
So, what are your Family Rules??
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