….in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy.”
 ~Edward P. Morgan

I’m just a tad obsessed with books.
I’ve pursued the art of reading and writing since I was a little girl.  Pretty much can’t beat a good book as far as I’m concerned.  I read a 400 page novel yesterday on the three hour flight from Vegas….and loved every second.
I may have been the most cramped and uncomfortable I’ve ever been, but hey, that book was awesome.

It’s really a love of script, of the written word.  There is something quite spectacular in painting a picture with mere thoughts, whether I’m participating as the artist or the observer.
I remember I began to read poetry around the age of 12…that’s also the time I became obsessed with quotes, and even now, I want to be surrounded by writings that inspire me, motivate me, encourage me.

As you’ve probably begun to notice, books are in every room of my home.  Some are left in their original beauty, and some are covered to add some flair to the room they reside in.

In the playroom,

In the kitchen,

in the foyer,

in the living room,

 and in the guest room.  These are just a few spots holding our budding collection.  I bought my first vintage book the year we married, and have slowly picked them up here and there, trying not to spend over $10 on each one, even the first editions. 
Although, if I found a first edition of a few of my favorites, I might splurge a bit.
I’ve also started collecting classics for the kids. I don’t have a photo, but Ava’s got the sweetest pink velvet-wrapped editions of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. 
I cannot wait to read them to her.
It’s not all vintage and first editions around here, though.  We’ve got plenty of James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks to go around.

Even some of our own penning.
(letters Matt wrote to each of us before his month in China–I have some fun plans to preserve them, I promise!)
I buy many times for the way the books look…especially if they’re really old and worn.  I collect ones in beautiful color, the most popular lately being shades of blue and gray.
I also buy books with titles meaningful to me.  Here are some of my favorites:

From clockwise- The Passionate Journey (probably my fav title), The Heritage, Executive Thinking and Action, Reader’s Digest (okay, I bought this one for looks :-), King ‘O The Beach, Library of Poetry and Song, Drama for Fun, and The Illustrated Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia….that one even has a section on attic construction, which suits us perfectly.
Other than perusing them in rooms of my home, or curling up on the couch (or cramped airplane seat) to read them, you wanna know my favorite part?
Figuring out the stories behind their story…

I love flipping through and finding scribbles, notes, ear-marked pages.
My favorite has to be the one in the middle there….It was an early 1900’s copy of The Peter Pan Picture Book, and the note reads, “To Eugenia, From Grandma Mary, August 1933.”
Can you imagine how excited that little girl must have been?  I can’t help but think of my own children, opening books from us and their grandparents, the little gleam in their eyes.
It convinces me I should be writing inside them, so one day, my “from mommy and daddy,” will be smiled upon.
Now that we’re all weepy, what about you? 
 Books a go or no-go in your home?  Do you love to decorate with them (look at them, read them, even smell them) as much as I do?
Tell me I’m not alone.
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