Happy Saturday, party people! 
For those of you new to the blog, first let me say thanks for hanging with us!  We’ve got some exciting things coming up on the blog, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!
Secondly, if you’ve never linked up here, this is where you feature your style…for your home, that is.  Link up any craft, makeover, or feature of your home…let us see it!
I’ve really taken a bit of a break on furniture transformations around here, mostly since we’ve been out of town for most of October.  It’s been wonderful and a breath of fresh air to spend all that time with our family, but I sort of got the “get busy” bug when I was able to spend an hour in the garage yesterday.
Those pictures will be for a different time, but I thought I should share something fall with y’all.  Since we really have been home very little, there’s about zero time to spend decorating for Fall.  But I was able to pull together a little vignette in our entryway this week.
I snapped these pictures this morning at the break of dawn, and the plantation chair happens to be Ava’s fav, and she was definitely awake at the break of dawn.
I’ve really begun to embrace using what I already have to pull the seasons into our decor.  It’s kind of messy and unexpected, but when I stepped back, I smiled, and that was enough for me.

Knowing the bold color of the chest was enough, I stuck mostly to neutrals, and Fall textures.

And for a mom of two little ones, I have found that I want my decor projects (other than for Christmas–for that, we go all out), to be simply designed, enjoyed, and easily removed when time.
The tray I got a few years ago as a Southern Living at HOME (now Willow House) consultant, and I love the color and detail on it…as a matter of fact, it pretty much stays on the chest because I love them together. 
 Kind of like Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

I tossed a bunch of raffia around, on the chest, and on the tray.  The candlesticks are in the same collection as the tray…and again, pretty much stay right there.  I just swapped the typical tapers for some pumpkins. (the plus of decorating so late is buying decor on clearance.)  I added a couple of my favorite “sit-about” books….because I can never have too many.

The tray is filled with raffia, pine cones, a little fall faux-liage (because in little touches it appears more authentic to me–and i love that orange on the turquoise!), and small pumpkins I painted with acrylics.  One I painted with Liquid Leaf so it would resemble some mercury glass.  I loved the idea of different metallics against the dresser, and I’m really pleased with the depth and texture on the platter. 
Simple, casual, cheap.
Alright, link up your projects…I can’t wait to see them!  Remember, I’ll be traveling again, so I’m going to announce my favorites tomorrow night…so try to link up today or tomorrow!  Hop over and see a couple of people while you’re here!
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