It seems I’m always on the coattails of the CSI project, but I’m just happy I’m getting anything done at all. 
I’ve been pining for some Ballard mercury glass for a while now…
These are probably my favorites–the antiqued mercury glass candlesticks.

Or these….the mercury glass huricanes

Or the mercury glass finials.  I don’t know…how is a girl to choose?
So when I ran across this glass hurricane at the Dollar Tree today, I picked it up to see if I could make some magic happen.  I know there is mercury glass all over the blogosphere, and I could find a million tutorials I could probably research. 
But….for an addicted DIYer now, no way I was going to follow instructions.  I thought I’d just experiment and see what I came up with.

I started with these initial supplies.  I pulled the other two containers from my closet so I would have a grouping.  This is my favorite brilliant silver by Valspar.  I keep 3 on hand and this is, by far, the brightest.  The first time I tried to make a mercury glass lamp, that’s where I made a mistake.    Even if it’s antiqued, mercury glass is one thing for sure…brilliant.

I began by spraying the insides down with water so all the paint would not stick.  Plus, with the drips and runs, it appears more mottled like mercury glass.

I decided very quickly I would not like the finish if I only sprayed the inside of the glass.  So I sprayed the outside with water as well.  Work kind of quickly so you can grab those drips and spots with the paint.
Before it was all the way dry, I took the lid of the spray paint can and used it to mottle it more.

This is what it looked like as it was drying.
I added two more steps, and I think I’ll add another before it’s over.

And there they are, in a little corner of the foyer, glinting in the afternoon sun.  LOVE seeing that sparkle over there!

By spraying both sides, it gave depth of color in those spots that wore off.  Right after I sprayed the outside with water and then the paint, I re-sprayed the inside with water, on top of the almost dry paint. 
That created this effect….

I only left the bowl of the large goblet sprayed “inside-only.”  It really looks more like the lamp I re-did, or like brushed aluminum.

Up close, you can see the other layer of paint underneath my scratches, but from far away, it’s light and shadows, my friend.

The last thing I did was spray black spray paint in the air above the containers so the overspray would mist only in spots.  If you’ll notice, most mercury only tarnishes in spots, rather than an overall glazing.  If I had applied glaze, it would have just taken down that gorgeous sheen.

What do you think??  I am pleased, although I want to seal them with a high-gloss acrylic sealer, to ensure protection plus amping up the shine.
I think I’m going to keep playing with this one until I get it exactly perfect.  I think I’m getting close!
What have you mercury’d lately??