Welcome to Style Feature Saturday!!
Where you feature your style….with a project for the home, a room makeover, furniture transformation…you get the idea.
Speaking of transformations, check out this lovely little guy.  I like to think of it as a guy or maybe a really spunky tomboy.  🙂
Even though it’s totally out of my comfort zone, I’m really drawn to this gray/mustard combo that’s all the rage right now.


After giving this little side table a beachy makeover complete with stripes, I was just uninspired on the hardware.  Totally.  That doesn’t typically happen…usually at that point I have a clear direction I’m heading in.  And I didn’t.
For 2 months.
Until yesterday I came across these little beauties.
And this one’s not for sale.
But I’m not keeping it either.
Details to come, I promise.
Okay, link up your fabulousness!!  I know, I didn’t list favorites.  My little girl has been running 104 temp on and off this week and it’s been slow going on computer time.  I’m still working my way through…but I’ll get there!
See you on the flip side–