First, a little business.  Swapping to a dot com, so update your browsers…don’t won’t to lose y’all!  It should direct you automatically, but if not, head here…
Oh, I’m so happy to finally be writing to you!  If you read my last post, you know I’ve been having issues. 
To take a break from room and furniture makeovers, I thought I’d answer questions about the playroom storage.  I promise it’s nothing fancy, but repurposing doesn’t always have to be grand and fanciful to be functional and nice to look at.
During my time with Southern Living at HOME, I really became addicted to containers. 
Using beautiful containers to hold everyday objects personalizes our spaces and inspires us.
Think about it…don’t you want to wrap a gift right now?  Finding ways to organize and contain our daily clutter really does ease the mind. 
Now don’t let this confuse you.  My house has been a m.e.s.s. for the last 6 months, but we are slowly coming around.  You know how you make a huge mess as you’re making things right??
I just had to show you the rest of that room!  I remember this being one of my favorite rooms in the slah showcases…so crafty!
Plus, there was always a couple of rooms right up my alley…love this mantle!!
As we got the playroom ready, I realized that all that cute pb and land of nod storage was adding up really fast. 
So, I waited until the big canvas buckets from pb were clearanced and ordered two of those.  But for everything else, I shopped the clearance sections and our garage for the next six months.
I was looking around my magnificently messy garage and saw these.  These were the lenox boxes my wedding china came in.  They are cardboard, but they were sturdy and good sizes, so I just whipped out my primer and paint.  Again, keeping with bright, summery color and natural and metallic accents, I came up with a couple of options.
These were the first really cute-sy ones, complete with sweet little labels.  I’m not much on too much of anything, so while I loved these, I mostly wanted some more metallic in the room.
Aagghh, I still hate these pictures.  Anyway, these were primed with Kilz and painted Krylon’s Satin Nickel (that’s my favorite metallic silver…it’s not too shiny or sparkly–rustoleum’s is almost glittery).  I painted some wooden tags from Hobby Lobby with chalkboard paint and attached them with twine.  (i drilled two small holes into the box–doesn’t take much pressure, by the way. 🙂 
Another 1/2 off Hobby Lobby purchase.  No priming this unfinished box…I wanted this green to be a little transparent and not too shocking.  I painted it two coats and glazed it with an anitquing glaze.  Cute chalkboard tag…check.
Over those months, I would pick up things as I saw them…mostly from Target in the dollar section.  All the galvanized buckets and natural wicker were bought there.
I know it’s a table, but it counts as storage, right?  And again, it’s nicer to look at than the other side of green and train tracks. 
We’re just more likely to spend time taking care of our “things” when we put thought into where we put them.
Don’t you agree?