On a quick note, looks like it will be awhile until I upload the entire video from the playroom/writing room.  Every time I try, my computer overheats and just shuts off.  Good times.
Some of you may have seen it on my facebook page, but I found two of my most incredible treasures while Matt was gone.  At Backyard Treasures in Dothan, Alabama, I happened upon a load of windows (all glass in tact) for $5 each.  Having shopped for those frequently, that’s a pretty rare deal for the ones that are in great shape.  I snagged all of them.
Mom and I pulled around back to load them up, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this under the roof of the warehouse…

Who would leave that out there???  And why were they not 1) using it or 2) selling it??  I all but climbed over the barbed wire fence, craning my neck through the space in between the links.  We spoke with the lady helping us and she said she thought it was rescued from a fire in a home.  It appeared to be completely fine, but I knew I’d have to get a) a price, and b) a closer look (and smell if it was in a fire).
Mom and I drove back down the next week (thank you, mom, for being such a partner while Matt was away!) and it was, of course, flooding.  The owner wouldn’t even walk around back with me; she just handed me the keys to the lock. 
 After getting soaked and inspecting (and sniffing) the bed, I knew I was taking it home.  Well, maybe not that day because I brought home this 1850’s chest and an aqua door and nothing else was fitting.  My mom (yes, again, that wonderful woman) picked up the bed yesterday, and it is safely in my garage.
I CANNOT WAIT to fix it up!  The paint appears fairly nice, but it is so thin, it’s just flaking away, so it will have to receive a good cleaning, a small and a large (adding feet) cosmetic repair, and a beautiful treatment.  I’m still waiting to be totally inspired by the piece. 
I actually found it with the hopes that it would work in my guest room, but I’m not sure that I need that much in there.  It will be SO hard for me to let it go, but I just might have to.  🙂
I’ll probably start on it this next week, so let me know if you want it, and I’ll refinish it for you.  Contact me with any questions:
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