Well, hey there, friends.
Don’t you love technology??
I have to say, I officially have a bit of a problem.  I’ve been biting my nails off the last two days because I’ve not been able to turn on my computer.  The charger just stopped working….the same day my large flash stopped working too, I might add.
So, even though I knew it was going to infuriate Matt, I did the only thing a self-confessed blogging addict would do.  I got on HP’s website and ordered another at full price.  And added two day business shipping.
Don’t judge me, okay?🙂
Anyway….that’s why you haven’t heard from me and why tonight you’re getting a random kind of post….I had these uploaded already and I am excited to share these with you.  I should get my charger tomorrow and I’ll be able to give my poor mother hers back.
We’ve added a couple of small changes to the living room, err, I have added some changes to the living room while Matt’s been away as a bit of retail therapy.
There’s a lot going on in these pictures and I’ve lost my best buddy, Mrs. Flashy McFlasherson.
I am totally aware that I just said that, by the way.
That’s for you, Matt, Parks, John and JT. 



Sweet babies trying to have a little fun while Mom keeps pulling toys out of the shots.  I finally gave it up.  We live in our living room….like really live in it. 🙂
Do you see what’s new??
Small items like pillows add such a bang right?  I usually put off buying them because they are quite pricey and I don’t sew (I know, why not already?).  Even though these don’t all sit together, here are a few that have popped up around here in the last few weeks.


I found the burlap stenciled pillow at my favorite antique and flea market, Eastbrook in Montgomery, and the “relax” at TJ Maxx.  The pottery barn bamboo buckled pillow was one of my only ebay wins.


I have enjoyed freshening our home with some new accessories.  Again, these can make such an impact for such little investment.  I’ve been looking for a wire basket since January…finally!! The little topiaries were clearanced at Ballard Designs in Jacksonville.  When I was at the Mayo, I discoverd Ballard’s has an actual store.  An actual, real-live place.  Why had no one told me this??
Poor little small town girl.


I love this little guy holding the dainty topiaries.





But the most exciting addition?


Did you notice?  That lovely bit of pattern on linen…I got new curtains!  Again, they were a clearance find at Ballard’s.  When I got my red drapes for the massive windows in the living room 5 years ago, I paid over double the price!
Can I get a hip-hip hooray for the clearance rack?