Alright, everybody, it’s that time.  Show me what you got!! 
Well, I’ve got a ton of things finished.  Just no energy to photograph them.  Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have done 16 pieces of furniture this week…12 on Thursday and Friday. 
And I’m pooped.
My clients at the KD house were really excited about everything…which was so wonderful!  They were so great about giving me creative freedom…that’s the best!  Having a client in mind, but also being able to go with your insticts is exhilerating! 
When I dropped a few things off on Wednesday night, including the large buffet you’ve seen, they sent home 4 more pieces unexpectedly and wanted to purchase/have me refinish a coffee table I already had.  They asked if I could have them ready by Monday, but we’ve got a big weekend around here, so I opted to get started right away. 
Here’s the smallest project I did for them…plus, it’s the one I’ve got some pictures of. 🙂

You’ve already seen the buffet, but you can see a before peek of the GOLD mirror.  They were going to get rid of it, but I was hesitant to let them…it had some great potential!  I asked if I could take it and do something that would “go” but not match.  (very technical terminology, right??) 
Again, they agreed.  Elizabeth eventually told me that she’d love it to look like a honey-colored wood, washed with something to look distressed with paint.  These are not the best “after’s,” but they’ll do.
Isn’t it lovely?  I really did love the things I did for them…like, please let me keep them, I loved them so much.  I am on the serious lookout for items like theirs.
I knew I had to get rid of that gold for good, and with the mirror being resin, there was no way to sand it down or remove the paint.  I used Kilz original primer in the spray cans…my favorite when I can justify spending the money for a project.  It covers like paint and is oil-based, so it really blocks the existing paint from coming through.  After it was dry, I very carefully distressed by sanding down only to the white on the points and edges and sanding in a circular motion to take down the gloss on the smooth areas.
I then used Krylon’s Saddle Tan in semi gloss.  I think I did one full coat and then a touch up coat.  After that completely dried, I diluted some white paint I had lying around with water.  I then whitewashed the entire mirror, letting it get in all the cracks.
After that coat was completely dry, I thought I would be finished, but it just didn’t feel like the washing stood out enough against the tan.  So, I took my brush, filled it with white paint and squeezed it back out to dry brush white on all the edges and details.
I’m SO pleased with it….again, I’m really looking around for something I can do this to.  I might even redo the mirror I’ve already painted. 🙂  You can see this is the very beginning of their newly designed room, but it’s going to be fabulous!  Pics on the reveal to come soon!

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