Alright, ladies, just a reminder that Style Feature Saturday will commence (how fun to say that??) at 3 pm this afternoon…
as long as I can actually get it to work.  Be patient with me as I’m semi-struggling with new things. 🙂
Speaking of new things, here’s what I’ve been working on…
I got this big old lamp for $10 when I went to pick up a craigslist table.  Now that I think about it, $10 might have been too much, but whatever, it wasn’t $99.  Check out the after’s, and if you want the tutorial, and you can be patient with my distracted self, watch the video. 🙂
For the longest, I had no idea how I wanted to spruce it up, but it finally hit me…mercury glass.  Now, let me say it took a different turn after I glazed it….
So now it’s more like antiqued silver, but I’m still much happier than I was looking at 1950’s cream porcelain.  And honestly, it has given some metallic in here without being stark.  I think the high-sheen mirrored finish would be a little better in the writing room to add a hint of glamour to my cottage getaway.
You can see I went with polished and antiqued silver on the sideboard hardware…I honestly forgot you guys hadn’t seen it.  I’ll snap some pics for next week maybe.  I think the shade needs to lower (but I haven’t been able to pull that off yet) or it needs a new one entirely.  I’m also thinking I might add some faint script to it.  I don’t know, depends on my mood one day, I’m sure.
I do think it’s beautiful, and it only needs

maybe a high gloss sealant and that will take it back to more of that glass-look.  It really dulled after glazing,
instead of boring you with the details, watch this video for the process and to see how it looked before I glazed it.  But don’t worry, I’ve got a couple more lamps that are getting some silver-leaf glam.

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On another note, I made the top ten cut on the CSI project and this week for my stained and glazed dining set…head over there to check those girls out!  What an honor…thanks girls, for the encouragement and recognition.  And The Lettered Cottage queen, Layla (whom I had met before her celeb-status while taking pics of my little ones :), in her fab-ness, tweeted about the daybed.  Thanks so much, everybody, for your sweet and uplifting words!!
CANNOT WAIT to see you this afternoon to see what you’ve been up to and can’t wait for some awesome and inspiring reading this weekend!!