I know I’ve put off the bathroom reveal, but I’m really stuck on this one wall. 
Washed out script or driftwood art??  Which one?? I don’t know….but it will hit me soon.  And when it does, you’ll be the first to see some pics!
On to the playroom….it’s really coming together.  Matt and I have a “date” to build the pottery barn knockoff storage unit this weekend (plans to come for you guys!), which will mostly finalize the room.  You’ll hopefully get some after photos of it next week. 
In case you missed the guest post I did at Finding Fabulous, I wanted you to see how the reading nook of the playroom is coming along.
Here it is a few weeks ago…..
And here it is now….
Very simple.  But hey, we’ve got hand-sy toddlers crawling around in here. 
My favorite thing?  The peel-n-stick flowers I found clearanced at PB.  Grayson calls it the “garden school room.”  How cute is that? 
And I do love the two mini-cushy chairs.  We were given both at the birth of both babies.  They seem to love them, crawling and crashing into them constantly.
Still loving the beadboard everywhere…it brightens everything up.  I’m wanting it in too many places now. 🙂  On a side note, reading is super important to our family.  I’m not sure if you guys even know this, I was an English teacher before I had children.  And, we are actually considering homeschooling.  So this bookcase does not even touch the amount of books we have, but I’ve decided I’ve got to spread them around.  You’ve got to actually be able to see all of the books before you want to pick one up!  And that is so important to me.  We’ve been spending about an hour in the nook reading every morning.  Ava’s books are on a lower shelf and she picks one up and looks at me and grins.  She’ll chatter away like she’s letting me in on a really good secret.  🙂
Can you see the little book with the whale on it?  Its title is “grayson.”  I picked that up while I was pregnant with him. 
I’m a huge fan of unexpected containers, and I love this cracker barrel style jar I found at a local flea market for $7.  These can get quite pricey, so it was mine.  It’s perfect for their blocks or anything else I want to take a peek at for a while.
I love the throw pillows all over the rug….that’s Ava’s little soft spot.  Floor pillows are plenty of seating for the kids, in addition to the gossip bench I painted for adults to sit in.
The nook’s not finished.  I’ve got plans for hanging some artwork I made the kids for the left wall, and some lanterns from rope from the ceiling.  And possibly draping the space off one day with some drop cloth one day…..you know, for a secret garden.  But for now, I love the openness and plus, I can’t resist seeing those flowers every morning.
That’s where we are (in one little part of one room).
Can’t wait to finish that unit and let you guys see the whole room!  Hope you have a great Friday!