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I’ve had white slipcovers on the brain for quite some time now.
photo by Pottery Barn
I love the tighter fitting ones like these…it looks like the couch is upholstered, not covered.
But I love the comfy and casual vibe they lend.
photo by Life in the Fun Lane
I could just see our sofa slipcovered.
Now keep in mind, I wasn’t in love with the red anymore, but this makes it look worse. 🙂  Clutter on the tables, tons of stuff in the house waiting to move upstairs, no cushions on the couch.
I guess it will make the transformation all the more spectacular:
Aaaaahhh!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  When I decided to have them slipped (hide your disappointment–I am not a sewer and I was not about to attempt it on such a large project), I called Debbie from Cottage and Cabin Interiors. I had heard wonderful things about her, and couldn’t wait to work with her.
Let me just say: Debbie, you are a genius!!
What wonderfully detailed and custom work you’ve done!
I love the cording…and how tight the covers are.  It looks like I bought the sofa this way from Pottery Barn.  Ha!
She even added wooden buttons to the front cusions….which is such a nice and thoughtful touch.  It creates just enough interest while keeping a neutral palette and clean look.
If you can’t tell, our dogs love the couch.  They were in a state of panic while it was absent from our home.
But all is well now.  I can’t wait to get our chair and a half and ottoman back!  I’m considering using the ottoman as the coffee table for a while.  Since Ava is cruising around furniture, there would be less chance of a bump on the head.  Plus, maybe then I could convince Matt to go ahead and let me paint the bottom and restain the top.  Sir Grayson has put quite a beating on the poor thing.  Once we’ve moved all other furniture upstairs and we have our other piece back, I promise a full living room shot.  But you’re getting the idea, right? 🙂
Anyway, go check out Debbie and Cottage and Cabin!!  Here’s some more beautiful work she and her husband (who also builds some of their pieces) have done together:

Lovely, right??  I am so pleased that we have such talent and creativity in such a small town.  Thanks again, Debbie, for bringing new beauty in our home!!