Moving on to the playroom’s progress. 
 (If you guys can’t tell, I’m trying to keep you interested since i’ve had no time to work on new projects this week–too busy holding my sick sick baby.)
Here were some of my inspiration photos for the playroom:
(all courtesy of pottery barn)
I love the color palette and coastal feel to these rooms.  If I could, and one day Matt and I would love to live on the water.  Until then, I want my future decorating choices to reflect that peace I feel when surrounded by the colors of the water and the complimenting textures of sand, salt, shells, etc.  Where I want my room to be a serene retreat, I want their space to be filled with light, color, and cheerfulness.  Most everything is white and an aqua blue, but there will also be touches of pink and yellow here and there.
Kind of like the colors in this bedspread.
And the wall color is similar to the one in the photo above, just a little more saturated.
And that Cameron storage above is the one my hubby and I are building.  We are customizing it a bit for us: adding another level of large drawers on the bottom, making it 3 “levels” and a bit higher.  The painting will be a bit more custom–just some distressing and we’re adding oil rubbed rustic hardware-bin pulls for the drawers (so excited about those drawers!) and knobs for the doors.
I’m really trying to make Matt make some notes so I can give you an actual plan for building some of these on your own.  He’s definitely the handiest at that part, so we’ll have to have his help to put it all on paper. 🙂
Here’s the progress so far….
I love the height of the beadboard (about 4 feet) and the extention of the color onto the ceilings.  This is the view from the doorway…I’m thinking we’ll put the storage unit on that wall opposite the door.
I am SO glad we decided to go for the sky lights….this is during the day with no lights on.  Love that!
We went ahead and cut 4 feet into the closet in the theater to create this little nook for the kids’ room.  I love the idea of it and hope we make it a magical spot for them.  Probably will house a bookcase and cushy chairs, animals, etc.  I’ll be making “drapes” out of drop cloth and tying them back to make it a little hideaway for them.
Adding the beams celebrates the architecture of the loft-style space and adds so much interest, I think.
That step-up leads to the theater (which is painted the darkest chocolate possible and while I’m all into light and breezy these days, it will be perfect for the purpose it’s serving…good job, honey!).  We want to build a storage bench to put on top of that little step.  It had to be pulled all the way around the space for structural reasons, so we might as well make some use out of it.
The closet you see is just as exciting to me as anything in the room.  We took it out a little further above the stairs to give us room to walk in a bit…but there is about 8 feet above our head to store stuff.  Yes!!  An actual linen/storage closet!!  We have good closets, but only in the bedrooms.  Ava’s closet can only hold extra bedspreads for so long. 
The only part I don’t like? 
The door.  When I agreed to angled loft doors, I had in my head they would look just like our pocket doors (beadboard detailed).  As you can see from the picture, they are plain jane solid.  Once everything else is complete (I’m warning myself), I will add some trim and detail to them to give them some character.  I’m thinking of painting the inside of this one with chalkboard paint for the kids.
So that’s that.  I’m still so thankful we are getting to add this space to our home and who knows?  When it’s finished, maybe I’ll actually be able to take pictures for you guys inside my house again. 🙂