Over the last year and a half my shopping tastes have changed drastically.  My eye for detail is different.  As excited as I get over walking into Loft, I get just as excited over walking into a flea market.  My eye sees differently….pays attention to things I would have previously discarded with a quick glance.
Due to this change in taste (and simply becoming more open-minded), I notice a lot more treasure in other people’s homes.  While I might not use a piece the same way or love it as they do, I recognize that they love it and it is their treasure–their home. 
I thought it would be interesting to post some of my grandmother’s treasures….she has so many interesting and wonderful things to ponder over!  While over with the kids, she gave me her permission and I ran to get my camera–which I’m still playing with, by the way–can anyone give me a total photography lesson for free??
I hope you enjoy looking at these as much I do…..
This is one of my favorites–this is my great-grandmother’s, dated 1901, I believe Mom (that’s my sweet grandmother’s nickname) said.  Can you guess what it is??
It’s her manicure set!  How unique and special things were back then!  You’re lucky if you get a manicure set in a plastic bag, now.
Her mother’s sewing table–that’s the other thing….all of her antiques are in such great condition.  One can tell she has cared for them and put the same love and attention into caring for them as her mother did.  She was showing me these things and telling me all about her mother–she glowed when talking about her.  Isn’t that funny?  Just by looking at her furniture and possessions, I got a glimpse of who she was and what she meant to my Mom….someone who means the world to me.
Love this trunk—still looks so good!  Plus, it’s put to a modern purpose….this is where all the junk mail/magazines go.
And on to my FAVORITE room…..
Do you see this beautiful, antique white-washed blue hutch???  Oh my.  I told Mom if I could put it on my back and sneak it out, I totally would.
LOVE this finish.
Oh, and the chairs. 
The chairs.  I have no words.
Here are some of the details….
This is a beautiful piece—also love that the mirror reflection grabbed a portrait of my mother.  Isn’t she beautiful?  I’m not sure how old she was in this one–college, maybe?
LOVE this sofa–so glamorous.  It’s upholstered in velvet…with black piping.  Very Hollywood.
So many beautiful chairs to rest on like this set of wingbacks.
Lovely fabric–so demure.
I know this one of my mother’s favorites–beautiful carousel horse.
A couple of different kinds of treasures…..
The one with the baby in the middle?  Yours truly.  At 11, I believe.
No treasure compares with this kind.  Being able to see my grandmother with my children….priceless.  I love that she shares my love of all things antique and let me share some of her with you!  She is SO special to me; I hope she knows that! 
Hope you enjoyed!