So here I am.  Sitting in my pj’s on the couch after the longest Christmas day I can remember.  Up to my eyeballs in crumpled wrapping paper, dirty dishes, and new toys for the kids.  Candy is strewn on the floor, my coffee table is shoved against the TV, and there is literally not an uncluttered surface in our living area.  It’s terrible.  It’s wonderful.  It’s what I call life…

Here’s the thing: I love to read.  I love to journal.  Beginning a blog seemed to be a natural task to undertake.  And it was.  I love writing my other blog….you know, the one for family and friends to see what we’re up to and all the fun snapshots of us doing the fun activities.  And while those moments ARE fun, they are typically insane.  What you don’t see when my little guy is eating cake batter is the tantrum he throws right after due to a sudden shock of sugar to his system.  You don’t see my baby girl spit up all over me as I’m walking out the door after snapping that precious picture of her.

So, this blog is for that life.  The other part of life that needs recording….the “after Christmas” life.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty ambitious, love to overdo, love the “Christmas” part of life, but I’m more than “Christmas mommy.” I’m more than cooking, cleaning, taking pictures of the kids.  I’m crazy about my husband, love my free time (after the kids are in bed), have countless hopes and dreams, love my God and am trying to find that balance of serving Him and others and going about this life He purposed me for….

Truthfully, I commend the women who write about all the wonderful parts of their lives.  There are a few who inspire me beyond belief.  I by no means want this blog to be a sounding board for negativity.  I’ve been purposed for a high calling…raising up my family….but, here’s the thing; that’s not always pretty.  Or always easy.  I want to be inspired, and I want to be challenged to be better.  But you know what?  I mostly want to look around and know that there’s someone out there, doing what I’m doing….and that they’re still figuring it all out, too. 

Will this blog be inspiring?  I sure hope so.  Will it be honest?  Definitely.  But mostly, it will be me, it will be real….perfectly imperfect.

If you’re out there, let me know.