I showed you the chairs I thought about getting for the dining room a while back.  When I got the order in at the shop, I opened up the big boxes…pretty sure there was a little squealing.

And they were the wrong chairs.

Uh huh.

Perfectly Imperfect | New Dining Room Chairs

I did the thing I do where I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and bit my lip.  Then I proceeded to stare at the wrong chair boxes for a solid twenty minutes.

Like a completely sane person.

Perfectly Imperfect | New Dining Room Chairs

After some time, I stepped away and went back to work.  Ish.  While I thought about my wrong chairs.

I know this probably sounds like a simple fix for most.  Ahem.  But listen.  It takes like 8 weeks to get the chairs.  Then I’d have to pay the freight to ship the misfits back.

Perfectly Imperfect | New Dining Room Chairs

A few weeks went by.  I’d walk to the back and look over at the wrong chairs.  I’d walk back up front.  And look at them again.

At some point, I decided it just really didn’t matter.  I liked the chairs for crying out loud.  Plus, I decided that being able to wash that top cover might be a life saver with the kids.

Matter of fact, I know that’s the truth.  It’ll take approximately 28 1/2 seconds for Ava to get peanut butter on said cushion.

Perfectly Imperfect | New Dining Room Chairs

Now I’ve just got to haul them and the table all home.

Baby steps.

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