1.  I just wrote the post for the house we renovated on the pilot.

2.  Bless that was a lot of work.  Renovating the house AND writing that post.

3.  I’m officially old.

4.  I wear computer glasses.  Yep. Computer glasses.

5.  Clearly I don’t spend much time on my laptop.

6.  My head hurts just thinking about it.

7.  So Matt’s changed our lights to working with motion sensors.

8.  I’m all outside (because I live on my swing), and yep, no lights in the whole house.

9.  Straight out of Scream IV

10.  Because the folks at Scream use roman numerals.

11.  Clearly I’m not reading enough anymore.

12.  Because I’m still talking about Scream.

13.  Do you ever do that?

14.  Completely convince yourself that someone is in your house??

15.  Only to find out that it’s, I don’t know, the wind, or a creepy child of yours lurking in the kitchen?

16.  Is that only my children?

17.  Wanna see me get ragey?

18.  Put a small person in my kitchen in the middle of dark thirty.

19.  Postal. rage.

20.  Moving on.

21.  Think I want to have a creative retreat for you guys at Factory South.

22.  Really.  In July.  Would you come?

23.  Nothing going on here.

24.  Nonetheless, I’d love to have you.

25.  Long as you stay in your room and out of my kitchen in the middle of the night.

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