When I showed you the kitchen reveal last week, I showed you how it really looks 90% of the time…  photo PerfectlyImperfect_-2_zps3053eaba.jpg Something about it–the mess, the kids, the Nana rolling out dough.  It makes me happy.  And I want to be the kind of family that makes homemade Cinnamon Rolls.  photo PerfectlyImperfect_-3_zps099533e6.jpg   Ree’s glorious, buttery, maple-frosted cinnamon rolls.

Holy minor heart attack.  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-3_zps03d99054.jpg   Nanas are gems.  And ample counter space.  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-5_zps292bd120.jpg      photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-4_zpscd31e15b.jpg   And while I was mostly enjoying the time with family, I did snap a few pics to remember the day and to record them here.  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-7_zpsdef47518.jpg   That’s my best friend, Lisa, in the corner of the photo.

She understands my need to style document everything.  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-8_zps2105fb6d.jpg

At some point Matt decided this was a photo shoot rather than a family moment.  Ahem.

Here’s me, standing hip cocked, awaiting my cue to POUR, POUR, POUR…  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-9_zps2e62fc59.jpg

And here I am pouring.

 photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-10_zpsda0091b7.jpg

With my man gorilla hands.

I’m a baller, not a hand model, I tell you.  photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-12_zpsded8326d.jpg And finally to the pouring of the real-life icing.

You might be tempted to skip the maple and coffee in the frosting ingredients.  Don’t.

 photo PerfectlyImperfectThePioneerWomanCinammonRolls-11_zpsf8c7aa7c.jpg   Maybe we’ll do it again.  I hope so, but it took us approximately 6 hours to make them.


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