It seems like there are phases when we feel like tackling the small or mundane projects.  Matt has been on it lately (thank you, babe), and we’re slowly getting some of those little things knocked off of our to-do list like laying thresholds in the doors, changing lightbulbs in the high ceilings, fixing trim, etc.

He surprised me a couple of weeks ago with a simple update…

Schoolhouse Light | perfectly imperfect

We ordered these schoolhouse lights from Joss and Main months ago, and they’ve sat boxed up on our bedroom floor since.  Matt and I are pretty self-motivated, but we fizzle out on the little projects.  We’ll tackle an entire room update or adding planks to the wall before you’ll find us touching up paint or replacing light fixtures.  It feels great to tie up all these loose ends around the house…if you have those hanging over your head, go finish them already; your brain will most definitely thank you for it.

These lights are drool-worthy in my mind, and may warrant a small hall update. Insert evil Dr. Porkchop laugh here.

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