1.  I’m convinced I have sort of lost my mind.

2.  No, really.

3.  I seem to misplace my head these days, and that’s just the start.

4. My keys and my phone charger–well, they’re even worse off than my head.

5.  Is that an age thing?  I’m only 32 for crying out loud.

6.  I’d like to think that my head could stay in tact until at least 38.  Or 55.

7.  I came home yesterday and Matt had bought the black door.

8.  Yes, he did.

9.  And also pulled out our hutch we decided to sell, and brought in a new dresser for our bedroom.

10.  Which meant there were three areas in disaster right when I walked in the house.

11.  I maaayy not have handled myself as well as I’d like to think I should have.

12.  But the black door?  It’s installed.

13.  I think maybe we are a few hardware pulls and some frosted glass away from being able to reveal our kitchen here on the blog.

14.  Finally, right?

15.  I swore we’d complete it from start to finish before starting another project–and here we are, knee deep in a three other projects.

16.  Classic Matt and Shaunna move.

17.  Speaking of us, how funny did I sound on the book launch video yesterday??  Hilarious.

18.  I’m used to it, though, being southern and all.

19.  And P.S.  I think we all sound kind of funny anyway.

20.  Mostly, it cracks me up when people say, “you’re so southern.  I wish I had an accent.”

21.  Hehehe.  You do, captain obvious.

22.  We all have an accent, whether we can hear it or not.

23.  But if you want a little chuckle, go listen to mine.

24.  I’ll be here, at the shop, and cleaning this black door, and finishing all these other projects we’ve gotten ourselves into.

25.  Before I lose my keys again.


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