It’s been a while!  I love these list-posts and random brain dumping is good for my soul.


Since we’ve been talking creative business lately, I thought we’d bring back 25 Things with a creative bang…

25 Things: A Random List about Running a Creative Business

1.  Business is thrilling.

2.  No, really.

3.  I don’t mean the numbers, but when you work smart at the rest, the numbers can become exciting.

4.  My #1 rule?  Spend 90% of your time on profit inducing activity, hire the rest out.

5.  Really–the minute you can.

6.  If you file the bills all day and dust the shelves, your growth can only extend to your fingertips (and that’s about 36 inches).

7.  That being said, hire the best people for the job, and invest.

8.  Invest in them, that is.

9.  Good people are worth your time and money.

10.  Their hands (with a common purpose) can do way more than yours alone can do.

11.  You’re either expanding or sitting still…which is ultimately dying in the business world.

12.  Much success in running your own business can be attributed to habit.

13.  Habit in working smart, prioritizing, delegating efficiently, in creating.

14.  Speaking of, you know I believe there must be habit in creativity.

15.  Inspiration finds you moving, planning, working.

16.  Don’t be intimidated to create more leaders…do it as fast as you can as well as you can.

17.  Immerse yourself in the process of your work.

18.  Decide to become your best at each step.

19.  Know how to create, market, sell, your product or ideal.

20.  Best start with an amazing ideal, though.

21.  It’s the ideal, the purpose that will translate the most to your employees & to your customer.

22.  Walt Disney referred to it as the intangible, the “pixie dust.”

23.  We all know how that turned out for him.

24.  Good business believes in magic, the unseen that motivates us.

25.  At least the good ones do.

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