We interrupt this program to bring to you a hacked behind-the-scenes post from the best friend….


I am not being paid to write this post and in fact, I may even lose some privileges from this one but I feel like it is high time that Shaunna scooted on over and let someone else share a little bit about her! Just to give you a little glimpse of the woman behind this beautiful blog.

Shaunna is smart, generous, thoughtful, passionate, creative, kind, and full of life and love. She is such a beautiful person and it is truly a joy and privilege to be her friend. She also has a strong business mind, many big dreams, and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

One of Shaunna’s greatest strengths is her lavish generosity. Whether it is money, time, talent, opportunity, or goodies from her shop, Shaunna will freely give if she sees a need or an empty looking spot. Her generosity flows out of a heart that really loves other people. I regularly receive texts from Shaunna asking me to pray with her for a person or situation that is on her heart. She hurts with others when they hurt and works to bring healing and help where she can. And all the while she knows the One who brings lasting healing and hope and she cries out to Him, her Lord and Savior, on behalf of those in need around her.

If a person can be laid back and on her game, she is. Shaunna works hard but doesn’t sweat the details. She is actually a bit of a conundrum here because she is both carefree and OCD. For example, she knows what she wants, makes lots of detailed lists and will not settle for anything less than her ideal. However, if she drips paint on the floor or spills the can of paint stripper, or the dog does his business on her comforter, she just rolls with it, no biggie. She has a strong sense of style and of herself and she just does not care to waste time or energy obsessing over what to her, is just the little stuff. Spills and stains cannot make her flinch. “Sure there are a few bare patches showing through the paint and the back of the desk didn’t get completely finished and I’ll grant you that the picture frame is rather precariously hung but the room looks so much better and this space is so much more functional!” That’s our girl, Shaunna!

You should have seen her the day before her wedding…. A sobbing wreck of disappointment because the white lilies that we’re suppose to adorn the Church looked to her to be a pretty dinky display. Now, the Shaunna of today would probably have whipped out some twine, canvas, tree bark, and milk paint and we would have spent all night making our own stunning display, (not so of Shaunna circa 2003) but fortunately she needn’t have bothered because her sweet Dad rounded up every available white lilly in South Alabama and got them to the church on time. Although really, he needn’t have bothered because she was truly such a beautiful and radiant bride that one hardly noticed the lilies. (But he sure made his little girl happy!)

One of the main themes of Shaunna’s life is family. They are an integral and inseparable part of who she is. If you spent any amount of quality time with this classy lady you would also come to know her amazing man, her fun boy, her sweet and spunky girl, and her wonderful parents.

Shaunna is a fierce competitor. There was the time in college when our respective clubs were playing against each other in intramural basketball. Mind you, we were already good friends. She had the ball and I was in her face guarding her from making a good clean pass. Apparently I was doing a fairly good job of it or just being annoying because she shot me the meanest look of death that just stunned me and made me question the humanity of this girl I once called friend. We still laugh today about her intense drive for victory and my overly sensitive nature in the middle of a basketball game. I’m fairly certain that she won that game.

I love this girl so dearly.  She is a loyal and precious friend.

Just do not agree to play basketball against her.


And there you have it, my humble perspective on Shaunna West and all of her perfect imperfection…



I almost couldn’t post this tonight because while my friend hijacked my blog–it just felt weird to let her say such incredible things about me.  But I decided this:  this post tells you as much about Lisa as it tells you about me, if not more.  You need a friend in this world.  One that has your back no matter what and puts up with your issues.  One that will tell you how right you are but know when to call you on your drama.  One that will love the Lord fiercely alongside you and help you when you are in need.  One who can laugh at your silly wedding memories and one who can forgive easily.  One who gets what life is all about for you.

That’s Lisa.

Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to in her office.

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