What is it about the holidays that just makes me more present?

Are you that way?  I just find myself purposefully slower, savoring more, playing quickly and baking even quicker.  I’m happier to put work aside to watch a movie or snuggle with some little person.

We were in such a mood the other night, after we had (mostly) finished decorating the tree, and pulling out a surprise for the kids…a Polar Express train to run underneath.  We’d had hot chocolate, and watched a family movie upstairs.

And had only a few tantrums.  #reallife

Giddy with all that Christmas spirit, I was setting up the tripod to take a picture of the tree in all of its glowing splendor.

Kids were playing underneath, and as my remote clicked away, I saw something.


Wishing you and yours much wonder this Season and always.

P.S.  To get those glowing lights on your tree…It was pitch dark in our house when we took this shot.  The settings on the camera were ISO 100, f 3.0, and shutter speed was open for 20 seconds.

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