To say this has been a year of blessings would be almost silly, in no way doing justice to the love, support, and community we’ve felt from you here and in our shop.

The growth in our shop blew us away, and of course, our blog and homeschooling the kids kept us busy too.

A couple of years ago, I asked for prayer requests here on the blog.  The response was humbling, mountain-moving, even.  Hundreds of you left comments and sent emails, sending us a glimpse into your lives and allowing us the honor to go to God on your behalf.

I’m pretty sure I referred to that first post as “my gift” to you, but I know now, that it was your gift to us.  Each year since I usually curl up to read the comments of this Christmas Spirit post, and have a good old fashioned sob.  It’s so humbling, and reminds me that we’re all just in this together.

All going through life, drifting into circumstances, and sometimes into one another.  We all have pain, and weakness, sickness and even grief.  We all celebrate joys and triumphs, and it blesses us so to share in this life with you.

YOU each are such a huge part of our life, and honestly, our life wouldn’t be quite the same without you.  So, if you’ll join us, we’d love to pray with you next week…after the holidays settle down.

In a feeble attempt to spend “real” time praying with you, Matt and I (and maybe a couple more PI folks) will do a video and pray with y’all over the things that are weighing on you this year.  I know it takes some time to comment, but we’d love to start the new year praying with you.

Just leave us a comment on this post, and if you have a more private prayer request, you can always send me an email to  We’ll treasure each one, precious friends.

Many, many Blessings to you this Holiday Season and always…

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