Hey there!

Some quick news: I haven’t forgotten about our MMS Milk Paint Contest Top 20…they’ve been chosen, but we’ve had some technical issues getting the voting service going, so I’ll get it up and running soon and you guys can vote for your favorites!

I haven’t given you a book update lately, and that’s mainly because I’m chained to my bed writing in my pajamas– the updates aren’t so glamourous.

I don’t know why I thought the first time I wrote a book I’d be sitting by an ocean somewhere and grilling fresh fish at sunset.  Nope.  I’m in my pajamas with bed hair and coffee running through my veins.

BUT, I am getting this sucker done.  It is such an honor, and it is a lot of work, but slowly, one day at a time, the list is getting much shorter.  I’m going to write a full behind the scenes post once I’m done, but for now, all I can bear to say is that I’m about 6-8ish projects short of completing that list.  Then I’ll move on to some editing and writing the rest of the tutorials..before December 1.

The light is peeking through the tunnel now.

In between projects, I’m trying to snap photos of our products for a 2014 look book…maybe.  I’m telling myself I’m going to keep the calendar open for a while and keep some flexibility in my spring life.  We’ll see how it lasts.

 photo PerfectlyImperfectCreamwareBatterBowl_zpsd65805fd.jpg


As a rule, I don’t bring much product home from the shop.  But, I broke my rule with this sweet creamware batter bowl…I’m sort of in love with the entire line and maybe one day, I’ll update my dishes for these.

In the meantime, I’ll take prayers for major productivity–that I’ll finish every one of our projects by the end of this week (that would mean I’d finished 67 projects in the last 3 1/2 months. whew!)  Plus, you know what that means?

Once the book is handed over, I’ll be able to show you some sneak peeks of some of the projects. (yay!)

Have a great afternoon, y’all!

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