Okay, okay, last post on The Chapel Market already.

Vintage & Unique Finds | Perfectly Imperfect

It’s really not about the market, but about this small little pile of goodies I brought home with me.

I was pretty purposeful about the few purchases I made, and really there was just not much time to shop–I meant to grab an Urban Farmgirl t-shirt and I’m ordering something from Karianne.

Vintage & Unique Finds | Perfectly Imperfect

I couldn’t help but grab these few beauties….I love the french milled soap I picked up from Marian, and plan on saving it for photo shoots and sitting it by my bathtub.  It is simply too pretty to use.

I picked up the bundle of wood books from Layla’s booth, and Matt’s excited to try his hand at making some for our shop–they are perfect for styling and stacking.

Vintage & Unique Finds | Perfectly Imperfect

On another note, we are taking a little vacation away this week, and I’ll be taking some much needed time off.  We are surprising the kids with a quick trip to Disney World, so be on the lookout for us on Instagram if you want to follow along.

I have a couple of posts scheduled, but we’re going to try to check out a little bit…hope you have an amazing week, friends!