1.  Well, we are having a blast.

2.  Keep in mind, in between having a blast we’re fighting and slinging kids over our shoulders and sweating and running over strangers’ unsuspecting toes with our stroller.

3.  It’s a big stroller.

4.  My kids are the cutest to me.

5.  Yep. #typicalmom

6.  Seriously?  We’ve been pretty proud of them….they have kept their cool, enjoyed the days, and were content with our no-toy-buying rule.  Parent win.

7.  What we’ve boasted in contentment we’ve more than made up for in sibling beatings while riding in said big stroller.

8.  Enter discipline and deep breaths for mama.

9.  My son met Bumblebee & fell in love.

10.  I met Daryl’s crossbow & fell in love with that.

11.  Then I saw Dale’s RV.

12.  Be still my Walking Dead heart.

13.  Yes, I love that show.

14.  We did our trick or treating at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

15.  Lance went as Tonto & his makeup ran for days.

16.  That made me happy as his loving big sister.

17.  Matt stepped out & wore a Batman t shirt.

18.  Pictures are coming soon, I promise.

19.  My mom and dad are using those power scooters to get around the parks.

20.  Mom just had knee surgery and she is lethal with that thing.

21.  No joke.  All curbs beware.

22.  This is too much information, but I actually got fitted for a bra before I came here.  Did you know the correct size bra is a magical thing for the grown up women of the world???

23.  I told you it was too much info.

24.  If anything, I’m a sharer.

25.  Hitting Lego Land today for the big finale.



Oh!  P.S.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to link up your MMS Milk Paint projects–I’ll put the link party up sometime in the morning & our staff will pick the Top 20 after Sunday–the prize is pretty fantastic for the winner.  See y’all there!

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