Well, it’s happened.

I imagined writing a book would be much like writing the blog, only maybe more glamourous…like me slipping on heels every morning while I sip my coffee and open a window or two for inspiration.

In actuality, much of my writing gets done in the morning or late afternoon, either in my pajamas (in my bed of all places) or after I’ve thrown the heels off in exhaustion before promptly sitting on the couch.

And it’s happened.

Writer’s block.

Not to overdramatize it, but I just don’t have much to say….so when I sat down to write my post today, I got nothing.

Hence, a whole half a page on how I can’t write.

I thought I’d just share pretty pictures of one of our new lines instead.

Writer's Block & Murchison Hume @ Perfectly Imperfect

Well, they’re not the prettiest pictures, but I am in LOVE with the line American made, all-natural cleaners, soaps, and detergents.  No, really.  We’re trying to be more purposeful about it in our home, and when I found this husband/wife duo’s products, I all but leapt to find the nearest rep.

Writer's Block & Murchison Hume @ Perfectly Imperfect

Things I love about it: the scents are amazing…subtle but so fragrant and delicious (original fig & australian white grapefruit).  I love that they are affordable…really affordable.  And that after you buy one of the pretty jars, you can buy super-cheap refills for them.

I adore that they have cool names like Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner, Girl’s Bathroom Cleaner, Heirloom Dishwashing Liquid, Spit & Polish Stainless Steel Cleaner…

Writer's Block & Murchison Hume @ Perfectly Imperfect

And I’m a SUCKER for the packaging & the adorable icons for each…and that furniture cleaner?  I’m in. heaven.

So that’s that for me.

We have a design presentation for clients at the shop today, so the kids are out of the house (which is rare), and here’s hoping after getting out a bit my brain recovers and I can come back with some kind of actual coherent thoughts.

Hope y’all have an amazing Friday!

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