Hey Lovelies!

We are still enjoying some R & R (rest & redoing!) at the beach, and I hope to snap some pics today of the work we’ve done so far.  Until then, one of my favorite people in the world is guest posting over here for me today.  Say hello again to Lisa from The Pennington Point!


I love visiting over here at Shaunna’s. It’s so pretty and relaxing. I don’t feel like I have to clean anything or chase kids….I can just kick back and hang out. Let’s just put our feet up and be still for a few minutes…..

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay so relaxed? But life gets busy, so I look for ways to make my home more peaceful. Mamma needs to relax. And one of my favorite ways is to have words of joy and encouragement around me. It’s so nice to walk into a room and be reminded that life is good no matter what is happening around me.

In my living room I painted a Bible verse over the whole wall behind the couch. It was a weekend project and easy to do with a stencil and a level.

I got my kids to read the verses to me as I painted. That was fun to spend that time together!

I also love, love, love my framed chalkboard. I change the phrase on it at least once a month….just whenever I am in the mood for a fresh message. My handwriting isn’t perfect, but that makes it more personal.

For my kids I also love to lift their spirits with words of joy, but they like a little different style. So I asked my girls to give me some words that would encourage them and we painted them in subway style in their attic bedroom.

Of course there are also plenty of simpler ways to add peace to your home. Music, lighting, books, plants and art all can add an element of calmness and peace. I use all of those too!

Well, I guess it’s time for me to head back to my place in Texas and get some work done. Or I could stay and keep my feet up for a few more minutes. Do you mind Shaunna? I promise to be quiet….unless I start to snore.


Ha!  Nope, I don’t mind at all!  Isn’t Lisa’s home absolutely beautiful and uniquely hers?  She is one talented lady, and I can’t wait to share coffee with her in that beautiful home of hers one day.   I hope you guys are inspired to purposefully create peace in your home, and in your heart!