There’s a few things I love about being on the coast…

perfectly imperfect

Air dried hair, for one.

Less makeup than normal.

Except for eyeliner.  I look dead without eyeliner.

perfectly imperfect

Little sundresses & tanks.

Bare feet.  Oh, I love my wee one’s little toes.

perfectly imperfect

It’s the perfect occasion for the menfolk to wear salmon pink.

On their skin, too.

(Yes, I’m a terrible mother and let Grayson’s calves burn this time.)

perfectly imperfect

Raw Oysters.

Yep, I do love ’em.

But those very slimy, oversized ones in the pic above?


Their sheer size turned up my gag reflex instantly.  I felt like I was eating a baby squid, or worse.

They did not, I repeat, did not go down smoothly.

perfectly imperfect

The shells made for a cool parking lot, though.


**these pics were taken a month ago, but we’re heading down to the condo to relax a little & get some painting and decorating done.  I’ll be blogging coast-side this week…see you then!

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