1.  If exhaustion were a person, I’d be his best friend.

2.  I say “he,” because he’s rough and gruff and not so sensitive.

3.  We’ve been go-go-going for such a long time now that it seems like I only operate on one speed.

4.  Back at the beach this weekend to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with Matt.

5.  I never knew love until I met that crazy, goofy, lovable man.

6.  He loves me always, even when my hair goes a shade too strawberry…

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7.  And when I wear “linebacker shirts,” as he likes to call them.

8.  I kind of dig them.

9.  He does not.

10.  There’s not much breakfast in bed won’t cure.

11.  I know, random, but that’s the point of these posts.  Random brain dump.

12.  Although, I’ve been eating so healthy that regular bacon might send me over the edge.

13.  Bacon.  Mmmm.

14.  What’s so wrong with turkey bacon?

15.  I’m used to it, my kids are used to it…

16.  Matt is NOT and will not ever be.

17.  Maybe bacon is a dude, too, and he and exhaustion are best buddies after all.

18.  Determined to pack on the pounds of women everywhere.

19.  The cool thing about bacon is getting to pair it with coffee.

20.  Because that means I’ve started my daily battle with exhaustion.

21.  I’m being a little dramatic, you know.

22.  Coffee still rocks my world, though.

23.  Health and science aside, of course.

24.  I think I’ll take a nap on the beach today.

25.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?!

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