I love happy endings.

You know what I mean.  None of us goes to the theater or out so we can get gloomier.

As I notice the world around us tell us we can’t do more because we aren’t enough, or just because we can’t, I’m more and more drawn to those happy endings & the I Can stories, movies, & moments.

A while back we saw the movie, We Bought a Zoo.  It’s based on the true story of world-traveling journalist & widower, Benjamin Mee, who decides to move his two children out to the middle of nowhere…and reopen a zoo.

Adorable little girl as Rosie?  Check.

Matt Damon as dad?  Check.

Rise-above-the-obstacles-message?  Check

Happy ending?  Check, check.

You know what’s funny?  This movie is one of the reasons we chose to homeschool this year.  No, Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) wasn’t homeschooling his kids or preaching about education.  There was something else that captured me about this film, though.  And it wasn’t just the enchanting music by Jonsi.

This man had a vision for his family.  Against practical judgement & strong advice from everyone around him, he saw what he wanted for them and he. went. for. it.


I’ve watched it half a dozen times, and I’d watch it right now if I had a few extra minutes.

I’ve thought a lot about why the story meant so much to me and why it moved me so.

Maybe this clip will explain why…


“Why not” has taken me to so many incredible places…much more exciting and challenging and spectacular than the “why” places.  Why not led me to the mission fields, and to the poor.  To my husband and my beautiful children.  To write this blog, start a business, write scary things, speak at events, open the shop.  To destinations still unknown.

Honestly, there are BIG moments and opportunities we’re facing right now here in small Troy, Alabama, in this house.  With faith in our pockets, we will cling to “why not” as we take giant leaps and put our lives in more capable Hands.

Be brave, today, friends.

Ask yourself, “why not?”

Go for it.  Live the life your dreams are made of.


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P.S.  If you’re like me, putting your dreams out there is the first step in going for it…we’d love to read about your why not moments/dreams if you’d like to share in the comments below!