I could have left well enough alone.

Probably should have.

I’m almost certain I’ll regret posting this, as it will surely disgust the strongest-stomached of you out there.

But it was kind of a cruddy day, and I needed a little humor to lighten my life a little.  Plus, sometimes I feel the need to justify to my family and anyone else who asks why we’re crazy enough to grow our own garden and buy organic, and drink half our body weight in water…

Share your reaction…cause, I swear, if you could have seen mine, you’d be rolling on the floor.

Here’s where I should insert that when I saw what you’re about to see, I had to question whether or not we had allowed a serial killer into our home.

Or a large, large rat.

So, you know what happens when you make a can of chicken noodle soup for your family and you store leftovers in an air-tight container for ONE week?


It. grows. a. head. of. hair.

Not fuzz.  Hair.

You were warned.  I just HAD to show you.

For the sake of vegetable growers and organic farmers everywhere.

Chew on that for a while.

Might want to go grow yourself a garden.

 photo SMILEY_FACE_1.jpg

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