You know, my life has not really shaped up the way I had imagined.

I thought I would most definitely have passions and interests, but honestly, I always imagined being a wife & mom…and that alone.

perfectly imperfect

And while striking a delicate balance is sometimes more difficult than I’d like, I’m reminded of how very lucky I am to have my children alongside me…doing the work I love.

They have plenty of issues and struggles, but something I adore is their interest in what we are doing as a family.  If only I could bottle that innocence and save it for their teenage years.  It occurs to me, now, that while sleepless nights and constant runny noses are certainly wearing, the really difficult part of parenting is only beginning.

perfectly imperfect

I can also see that the best part of parenting is to come, too.  Sharing experiences with them as they grow…there’s absolutely nothing like it.  They are beginning to understand what it is that I do, and the reward of sharing this experience with them far outweighs the struggle of having them with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have to remind myself of this all the time.  There are days when all I want is to run away, coffee and a good book in hand…and my paint brushes, decor mags, and maybe even a tripod.

But like my good friend, Edie, says, raising these babies is sacred work.

perfectly imperfect

Sacred doesn’t equal easy, y’all.  Actually, most everything in life, worth anything at all, is hard.

And worth it.

I also remind myself of this every time the kids climb up in the shop window.

 photo SMILEY_FACE_1.jpg

Here’s hoping we all breathe deeply this weekend, enjoy simple pleasures, and treasure the sacred work we’ve been given.

Have an inspired weekend, friends.

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