I’ve professed my love for Edie (life in grace) before.

Never have I read such raw emotion or seen someone express the human condition (especially the mama’s human condition) so effortlessly.   Okay, maybe once.

31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality | life in grace

Reading her 31 day series this year was a monumental blessing as it confronted the heart behind the outward.  We’ve talked about this before.  Now, she’s taken the time to put the series together for us in an eBook!  She shares her beautiful home, recipes, tips for creating well apointed guest rooms and baking centers, but more than any of this, she shares her heart.

Why hospitality is so important–and what it truly stems from.

When I read her words on margin, I knew she just got me.  She got it.  Life, I mean.


Maybe every good thing that happens, happens here, on the sidelines, in the space between us and our schedules.

And we miss them because we haven’t learned to listen.
Because we’ve made lives with no margin. No room for what might be. No room for the soul to breathe.

And this place, as you might have guessed is where hospitality lives. In the margins. Where we make room for others and their beautiful struggle.”

Isn’t that unspeakably amazing?

Yep, I know.

Click the pic above to find out more about Edie’s ebook–and her blog.  You sure won’t be sorry.

Have a Blessed day today, y’all.