Ah, the list.

We are beginning to make progress inside the shop, as well as tackling our to-do’s on the business front.

31 days to OPEN | perfectly imperfect

Gray removing the plaster wall to expose our original brick!

Turns out Grayson loves demo as much as the next guy.  Don’t worry, this was all supervised by dad & the kid did well & loved every minute.

Even though I had a few minor heart palpitations.

For lack of being too wordy, we’re going straight to it–what we hope to accomplish in the next 29 days…


  • Move large built ins to back to create wall for our shipping and storage area
  • Remove basboards on right wall
  • Remove paneling on right wall
  • Knock down plaster to expose original brick
  • Rip up carpet in middle of floor and in window spaces
  • Remove iron trellis in window spaces
  • Paint floor in window spaces?
  • Paint built ins
  • Wax outside of built ins
  • Paint walls and baseboards
  • add trim above brick wall where it meets with paneling
  • new floor (laminate)
  • Move out old display pieces
  • Paint kept display pieces
  • Set up shipping area in back
  • Paint the ceiling tiles?
  • Hang new lighting  in a few places
  • Whitewash the brick on outside
  • Paint the exterior of building?
  • Hang new awnings
  • Order/Place new signage
  • Add vinyl window lettering
  • Build 2 Workshop tables
  • Build (awesome!) shop counter
  • Spruce up the chalkboard wall with a fresh coat of paint


  • Confirm 2 orders
  • Find a checkout system that works with our current bookkeeping system
  • Order scanner/2 desktop computers
  • Get a Business appraisal
  • Enter all items into inventory
  • Finish pricing markups
  • Tag each item
  • Aaahhh! Order hardware & Dear Lillie Christmas pillows…forgot that!

Extras/Fun Stuff:

  • Paint a new set of sample boards for Chalk Paint™
  • Paint a set of MMS Milk Paint samples
  • Chalkboard Illustration for behind the counter
  • Paint can art (more on that soon 🙂 )
  • Create a kid corner (there must be a fun place for children to be in our shop)
  • Set up our coffee/drink bar (what shop of mine would be complete without fresh coffee all day??)
  • Style the windows!
  • Stage/Style the shop!!

Is anyone else sweating?

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