Just a few things, today.

I absolutely, positively love it when my children eat in my bed.  There’s nothing like slipping into the cotton beech sheets after a long hard day’s work painting 100 floor boards to the feel of hardened biscuit crumbles.


I put waaayy too much creamer in my coffee this morning.  I just needed to wake up to a little indulgence since even my ankle bones are crack-a-lacking.

Not to be dramatic, but isn’t there anyone out there who thought, “hey, why is she laying and painting (stripes on) the floors???  is she crazy?”  Next time, feel free to lovingly suggest that may be a bit too much work.

Our house is. so. chaotic. I. can. hardly. breathe.

I’m setting a goal–Ava’s room must be moved back in by Wednesday or I’ll go insane.

Seriously.  Remember those beautiful imperfections?  I can write the whole month based on this project alone.

My husband is a saint.  He so kindly laid the flooring on concrete.  That job is not as easy as it sounds, as most floors have plywood sub-flooring.  I’m not sure if we are just getting older or what, but the two of us?  Little old people creeping around today.  He has a limp and none of my limbs will bend.

I knowingly am skipping out on formal school today with Grayson.  I had thoughts of plowing ahead on Labor Day, but hey, we’ll focus on geometry.  There are plenty of boards left to lay.

Lastly, my cousin Eden (who has fabulous taste in fashion) is now carrying clothes at her boutique.  I’m obsessed with her new lines, and have literally worn the one shirt I bought from her 5 times since last Friday.  Really.

I guess that’s it.

Oh, P.S.  Have you seen Julie & Julia??  I’m about to watch it for the 2nd time in 2 days.  Bored am I?  Lazy?

Nope, just physically can’t get up off this couch.

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