1.  I’m thinking of buying a Keurig.

2.  Is it worth it?  Or just a fancier way to have a cup of coffee?

3.  I ran out of coffee this morning.

4.  Hot tea is just not the same.

5.  “The best part of waking up…”

6.  Is not a cup of decaf Earl Grey.

7.  Speaking of gray, I think I’ve finally chosen a shade for Ava’s room.

8.  Her funiture is moved out, and we’re ready to paint and rip up the nasty carpet.

9.  Did I mention we have 2 inside, leaky puppies??

10.  I know, it grosses me out, too.

11.  Matt and I are in a battle over the wood treatment we’re putting up.  He wants it painted gray, walls white.  I want white boards, gray walls.

12.  Something tells me I might win the battle.

13.  Muahahahaha

14.  An old friend tagged me in a pic of Cruella De’Ville this week on Facebook.

15.  I was almost offended at first.

16.  I then remembered dressing up as Cruella for Halloween one year…wig and all.

17.  Matt totally tagged along behind me dressed as a dalmation.

18.  No, he never lived it down.

19.  I felt splendidly wicked that evening.

20.  Not in a creepy way, okay?

21.  Homeschooling isn’t killing me, surprisingly.

22.  Grayson read quite a lot today, and he said the noises I made (I mistakenly thought I was squealing) sounded, “so very strange, Mom.”

23.  Ava stayed home today.  Crazy runny nose.

24.  She even did school with us, and that, surprisingly, didn’t kill me either.

25.  Is a shame she stayed home on the day of no coffee, though.

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