We have another great contributing writer here today–welcome Anne Marie of Twice Lovely back to the PI blog today!


Although we could definitely use some more space to spread out since we added a 4th child this past year, we are (like so many others in the country) a bit stuck in a too-small-for-us home with the housing market being what it is.  Instead of pouting or becoming depressed with the pileup of 6 people in a very limited space, Iím trying to make the most of the space we have.  And Iím beyond thankful that we have a roof over our heads and that my husband has secure employment.

Since ours is a 3 bedroom and we have 3 sons and 1 daughter, our daughter and the baby will (eventually) be sharing a bedroom (once weíre all done with our co-sleeping arrangement.)  So sad as I am to say goodbye to her girly-girl room, I’m always amped for a redeisgn!


Shared boy/girl bedrooms are a bit of a design challenge, and since I LOVE a good design challenge, Iíve been occupying myself in the planningÖ wellÖ pretty much since we found out we were having another boy.  😉

Iíve tossed around many shared bedroom ideas, but solid inspiration finally hit when I saw this fantastically bohemian woodland room my good bloggy buddy Cassie from Primitive & Proper designed for her daughter a few months back.

I thought this would be a great room idea that would suit both a son AND a daughter!  And ever since then my little design cogs have been turning and Iíve been collecting bits and pieces as Iíve come upon interesting things in my thrift shopping escapades and amassing ideas on my Pinterest board.

I came across a fantastic pair of vintage, homemade patchwork bedspreads that have become the centerpiece of the room plans.  They were a total score on Ebay for $40 for both!

Donít they look right out of Anthropologie?!?!
So here’s what I’m envisioning for the rest of the babes’ bohemian woodland room:
Bohemian Woodland Kids' Room
Elements are going to include:
  • an eclectic gallery wall
  • leafy green faux bois focal wall (inspired by my friend Mandie of Vintage Revivals who is the queen of Faux Bois!)
  • antique wood dresser
  • owls
  • toadstool stools 🙂
  • vintage afghan turned area rug
I had originally planned on creating the headboards from reclaimed pallet wood, but I came across some fantastic spindle beds the other day for a great price that Iím thinking Iím going to use in here instead.
After seeing this picture on Pinterest the other dayÖ
I am 100% certain they will be painted a high gloss red-orange.
And guess what? Iím pretty much ready to jump in and start pulling it together! Yay!  So, I’d love it if you would hop on over and join me for the ride at Twice Lovely!


Oh, my, I cannot wait to see how it turns out….gorgeous!!  What rooms are you guys working on transforming?

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