I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!

Last Wednesday, we headed up to Haven in Atlanta, and while I had fun, it probably wasn’t the kind of fun I expected to be having.

In a nutshell, within 2 hours of arriving to our hotel, I pretty much caught the mother of all bugs.

Virus bugs, I mean.

Poor Ashley.

So, while most Haven posts you’ll see will be filled with super cute clothes and bunches of sweet blogger friends, this is all I got for ya.

haven | perfectly imperfect


I couldn’t have made it without Ashley…thanks, man, for all the Sprite.

haven | perfectly imperfect

Marian and The Nester braved a visit, but other than that, personal contact was pretty limited for moi.  Ladies of Haven, I missed hanging with you all, and to all my sweet blogging friends & readers, I am quite bummed I couldn’t hang with you more and get to know some of you better.

haven | perfectly imperfect

I did make it to one of my four sessions I was helping teach, and I’m so thankful for that.  I’m pretty sure I was almost about to pass out during the entire class.  Thank you, Marian, for filling in all the holes and putting up with yours truly.

Looking forward to next year already.