In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought maybe I’d write a little “what we might tell ourselves in 30 years” kind of post.

You guys know I’m passionate about the present, so it seems fitting to think about what my wiser, more mature self might tell my I’m-so-tired-I-can-hardly-see-straight self.

So, let’s just get started.

Honey, relax.  Take deep breaths & enjoy yourself.  Sometimes that’s simply a choice.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Miss Mustard Seed

It’s okay to be tired.  It’s okay to be worn down, fed up, & even annoyed.  It’s not okay to take it out on them.

Changing diapers in the middle of the night is so monotonous.  So is opening every wrapper, tying every shoelace, zipping every zipper.  Try to remember that very soon they’ll be driving themselves to their own job in their new hometown.  You’ll miss the zippers and the shoelaces.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Just A Girl

Teach them to explore every single thing that gets their blood pumping.  Try not to think so much about the most practical solution.  Listen to their dreams & help them get there.

It’s okay to fuel your own passions.  As a matter of fact, it encourages them to go for it in life.  Make sure they know they’re a part of that passion.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Haven by Hayden

Try to say yes as much as you can–there will lots of  “no” moments.

Pack a second change of clothes for them.  Yes, almost every time.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Do the fun stuff.  Build forts, read books to them, play tea party.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Home Stories A to Z

Try not to raise your voice so much.  It doesn’t really make them obey you any more than they would if you were controlled and firm.  Plus, it raises your blood pressure & gives you more of those fine lines you love so much.

Go on and accept your body.  Workout, walk, drink green smoothies.  Sure.  But don’t let your vanity consume you.  It sorta stinks, but youth is wasted on the young, you know.  You have stretch marks, cellulite, and occasionally, love handles hanging over your used-to-be-favorite jeans.  It’s alright–you also helped create/nurture/love your children into being.  You earned some bumps and bruises.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect
mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

The Pennington Point

You know how you go to the kids’ school plays, etc. and wonder what all the other moms think of you/your child/your outfit/your children’s outfits??  Quit worrying about it.  They’re all thinking the same thing.

If there’s something you still want to do, just do it.  Share your dreams with your children & make them a part of your journey.

Reach out to more moms around you.  It’s really incredible to have friends around you.  You’ll each travel through highs and lows.  Having each other will make it so much easier.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Definitely, hands-down, no doubt date. your. husband.  Treat him right.  Enjoy him, laugh at his ridiculous jokes.  Tell him he’s the most amazing man on the planet.  Love him.  You’ll get to enjoy the most wonderful reward after your children are grown.  Hanging with your best friend/love of your life after you’ve outgrown a lot of insecurity & immaturity is going to be the best, most satisfying thing you’ll experience on this earth.

Stick to your guns on the fruit & veggies thing.  It matters.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Dear, did you really think a boy would never ask your daughter out??  And your boy would only have eyes for you?  Again, with the deep breaths.  Instead of panicking, help guide them to be the person they are looking for–and they will surely find them.

Remember as you’re so busy in your world of busy-ness that your mama is getting older, too.  Enjoy her and tell her how much she means to you.  Take her parenting advice (even if you would do some things differently) & thank her for it.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Begin using anti-aging potions at 25.  No matter what they tell you.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Put on some clothes, for goodness sakes.  Don’t work in your pajamas everyday.  It’ll make you feel frumpier than you are.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

Cuddle with them more times than you think is necessary, smell their freshly shampooed hair, and kiss their little noses a few times too many.  It’ll all fly by so quickly.

mother's day lessons | perfectly imperfect

The list of lessons my older, less spastic self would relay to the current me is probably many miles long.  I suppose she would also tell me that I’m doing a great job–to hang in there and “just keep swimming.”

It also has to be said–Matt and I are so very thankful to you, our two mamas, for all of the bandaids and the meals, the prayers and the wedding planning.  We’re beyond thankful for your super-power grandmom genes.  We are crazy about the way you love us and love our babies.

On that note, Matt and I are hopping out of town for a bit and we’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off.  After arranging house sitters, baby sitters, blog sitters, etc., we’re off to Europe.  It’s a dream come true–and I plan to soak up as much inspiration as possible.

Maybe I’ll finish that book, after all.

See you folks soon!

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