Last year I shared something special I did for Matt for Valentine’s Day.  We try to think outside of the box for each other all the time, and a holiday is just another great excuse to get all swoony.
I thought I would share it with you again this year…
Yesterday I share with you a bit of my story with Matt.
And how I would recreate the Valentine’s Day we shared a decade ago.
If you haven’t read that, you might want to.  These pictures probably won’t make much sense without knowing.
So, in pictures, here’s how I pulled off a super simple, super inexpensive, and absolutely affirming Valentine’s Day gift to him.










It was eventually filled with 365 memories/reasons why I’m still crazy about him.  Some are super sweet.

Most are pretty funny.

And here’s the same gift…given in the year 2001.  Those are vintage airheads.


And there’s the vintage us.

This will be waiting on him when he comes home.  Also to be joined by some chocolate covered strawberries.
If there are any left.
I love finding simple ways to keep us remembering all those firsts we’ve shared together over the last 11 years.
You’ve got to tell me…cause we all need fresh material…what do you do for your person??

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