1.  Matt was actually out of town for Valentine’s & my birthday.

2.  He tried to be the first one to send me bday wishes by emailing me at 3 am.

3.  I got the email at 1:40 that afternoon.

4.  Layla’s post was one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me–and certainly one of the best birthday presents I could ever receive.

5.  I balled like a baby reading it in my bed–did I mention I was a little under the weather for the big day?

6.  I have this feeling that my thirties will be even better than my twenties.  That feels good.

7.  I’m starting a new blog.  Yep, there it is.  More details soon. (this is birthday related because I worked on it some yesterday–in between naps.)

8.  My all organic, all clean, no cheating eating healthy plan for 28 days was a little ruined last weekend for my birthday.

9.  Matt threw me a surprise party last Friday night.

10.  I was so shocked I backed out of the house, saying, “is this a joke?!?”

11.  He fixed my favorite meal: Pioneer Woman’s beef tenderloin, roasted asparagus, & perfect au gratin potatoes.

12.  I got violently sick right after I ate because of the recent all-organic, no fat, little taste  plan I’ve been on.

13.  Getting sick has never been so worth it.

14.  My mom had helped trick me by telling me they were keeping the kids, which is how I got to go see Layla.  Is it terrible that while I was thrilled to have the children at the party that I really wanted them to go with her after?

15.  It is.  Sorta terrible of me.

16.  Being sick had its advantages:  I watched 2 and 1/2 movies.  True Grit? Meh.  The Double? Pretty good, Richard Gere.  Not as good as Pretty Woman, but good.

17.  I’m trying to extend the birthday for a solid week–I’m dragging Matt to see The Vow with me tonight.

18.  He keeps saying it’s going to be terribly depressing, but I think he secretly wants to go.  (P.S.  It was really depressing)

19.  As if a surprise party wasn’t enough, my brother (and his amazing girlfriend, Sara) just plopped down in a chair beside halfway through the party.

20.  He agreed to do a 25 things post for you guys sometime.

21.  Turns out you guys know way more about me than the average person.  For instance, most of you wished me a happy day filled with white cake.  That’s kinda strange, I realize, but also totally awesome.

22.  My Ballard chair came in on my birthday.  How’s that for timing?

23.  I love that birthdays also give everyone an excuse to serenade you.  I could use that little ray of sunshine more than once a year.

24.  Matt tried to forgo ordering the big white birthday cake, ordering my favorite petit fours instead.  It made me feel better.

25.  Until I ate 7 of them over the weekend.  Okay, I had at least 10.

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