You guys know how I feel about paint.

I feel like I’ve chosen a hundred paint colors in the last 2 years and sometimes it’s easy.  Sometimes it’s not so easy.

That’s where these guys are coming in.  I’m sure you’ve run across MyColortopia by now, but if you haven’t, you must head over there to check it out!


This new blog is full of practical ideas on how to decorate with color…and how to choose those colors to create spaces you love in your homes.  We’ll get to hear from lots of contributors that we recognize to see how they choose color and what inspires them!

Check out this cool color tool…

This tool is all about you–and what paint colors will reflect your style in your home!  How awesome is that?!?

Many things inspire me.  Inspiration is what color selection & design are all about.  Many times I am inspired by the sea, natural elements and by the quietness that comes with them.

Because of that, we introduced white, blues, greens, & grays into our home–and I feel that calm that I want our home to be.

That’s what MyColortopia is all about–go take your test to find out what colors best reflect your personality and lifestyle.

I can’t wait to see what MyColortopia comes up with for you!!

Happy Painting!

*I’ve partnered with Glidden & Akzo Nobel Paints to promote MyColortopia, but opinions & excitement are all mine…always.

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